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Manolis Maridakis speaks about his work on sculpture. His work is based on gravity. Elements: magnetism, water, air





A brief presentation of Manolis Maridakis sculptures. (Sigma antigravitationnelle, Quadriconvertisseur antigravitationnel, Courbes antigravitationnelles, Rencontres Aquatiques, Tangente Fluide) 



Biography of the sculptor Manolis Maridakis




19 allee Marc Chagall

75013 PARIS

Tel / Fax: 01 45 86 45 99

Portable: 06 80 85 20 50

Email: manolis.maridakis AT yahoo DOT fr




Greek citizenship

Date of Birth: 1946 Village Ten Saints of Crete

Lives and works in Paris.



1965-70 Studies at the School of Fine Arts (Sculpture)

1969-70 Film Dealing: Honorary member of the National films School of London. Implementation of short and medium length films

1978-81 Studies at the School of Fine Arts in Paris (citation) by IKY scholarship (studio Cesar)

2000 Large international award at Cannes for the water and creation and arts



1983 Institute Geothe, Athens

1990 Gallery Berbard Jordan, Paris

1993 Polytechnic School, Palaiseau, Paris

1998 Gallery Bernard Jordan, Paris

1998 Gallery Hoffmann, Frankfurt, Germany
2016 9-19 November Convention Center Herakleion Greece






1991 Cite International des Arts 25th anniversary, Paris

1992 Ars Technica (Artistic group - Arts - Science - Technology). Exhibition in Villette: Cite des Sciences et de l 'Industry, Paris.

«Ars Lab», International exhibition of Turin, Italy

Journees de l 'ANVAR (French National Institute for Innovation), Nante, France

1993 Gallery Lahumniere, Paris, Foire de Francfurt, Foire de Bale.

1994 «Ars Lab» Turin

1997 Gallery Hoffmann, Foire de Bale, Switzerland

1998 Gallery Hoffmann, Foire de Cologne, Germany

1999 «Les Champs de la Sculpture 2000», International Exhibition Millennium. Champs Elysees, Paris: Presentation of "Fluid tangent."

2007 Villette, Paris: Report on Gravity 93 Foundation, Project «SPH (AIR) E».

2009 Villette, Paris «Le Systeme Solaire revisite». Participation with two sculptures: Doors at Stars - October 2009 - April 2010.






1990 Water Sculpture "anti-gravitational Sigma», Cite des Sciences et de l 'Industrie (Villette), Paris.

1995 levitating sculpture "Quad antigravity converter," Report on the operation Cite des Sciences et de l 'Industry (Villette), Paris.

1997 Open International Sculpture Symposium, Tongyoung, South Korea. Implementation of sculpture with water "antigravity Curves."

1999 Water Sculpture 'Water Meetings », aire de Beaune, A6 for SAPRR.

2000 Institute de l 'Eau Perrier-Vittel, Prototype "fluid tangentially», Vittel.




Postscript: Constant cooperation since 1994 with the hydrodynamics laboratory, LADHYX the Polytechnic School of Paris in collaboration with the laboratory director Jean-Marc Chomaz researcher at CNRS.




Sculptures photographs


A brief photographic presentation of Manolis Maridakis. His work is based on gravity Elements: water, air, magnetism. In the photos you can see Quad antigravity converter, fluid tangentially,anti-gravitational Sigma and Water Meetings


Press on the presentation to enlarge the sculptures.